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Speaker Performance

Measure audience reactions from keynote talks, breakout sessions, workshops, and more

Number of sessions


Total faces analyzed


The Challenge

The organizer wanted to measure audience engagement during their breakout sessions.

Key objectives: 

  • Measure attendance over time

  • Analyze engagement for different demographics

  • Provide speakers with unique performance reports

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The Solution

A discreet camera was mounted on the side of each room to analyze the audience's facial expressions.


Below are the results from just one of the rooms.

The first session received the highest satisfaction scores

Image credit: Leblond Studio


Positive sentiment decreased over time in this room. According to the data, demographic ratios were the same amongst all three sessions. 

The only reasonable explanation? Positive sentiment scores drop steadily when speakers are asked to offer the same presentation back-to-back.


  • Session #1 received the highest positive sentiment

  • Session #2 received the highest attendance

  • Audience composition: 59% Female and 46% Millennial

Facial analysis helps you draw accurate conclusions, compare sessions, and optimize program schedules.

GoWest Session Sentiment and Headcount Analyzed.png

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