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Sales Kick-off 2018

Online Registrations


Attendee Participation


Attendee Satisfaction


The Challenge

ServiceNow is the fastest-growing enterprise cloud software company. On January 2018, they hosted an internal event with over 3K attendees and a reliable registration solution was at the top of their priorities. Their events team was eager to improve attendee experience while bolstering security.

The Solution

ServiceNow used the Zenus face recognition service to meet these objectives. Attendees were invited to submit their headshot during the online registration which was provided by G2Planet. On event day, attendees could choose between email look-up and face recognition for check-in. To maximize reliability, Zenus deployed a local server which processed data locally with the cloud serving as a backup option.

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Final Statement

One in two attendees submitted a photo. The satisfaction rate for attendees using face recognition was over 99.3% versus 94.7% for those using email look-up.

People checking in with face recognition were also more likely to participate in the attendee survey.

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