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Trade Show: Exhibitor Renewals

Use Happy Maps to measure engagement and traffic across the trade floor

Exhibitor Satisfaction


Exhibitor Renewals


The Challenge

The trade-show organizer wanted to increase exhibitor retention and satisfaction. To meet this goal, they needed a simple yet accurate way to measure attendee engagement and traffic on the trade show floor.

The Solution

​Our smart cameras were discreetly mounted on selected booths to capture data. Headcount and facial expressions were analyzed (anonymously) to produce engagement reports. This was accomplished without requiring any user action from the trade show participants. 

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Successful Booth Activations

  • Puppies for adoption and ice cream

  • Educational content and interactive games

  • Gift-giving program for people in need

Final Statement

Booths which created unique experiences and a personal connection achieved 2x Return-on-Experience (ROE) compared with ones that only held giveaways. Exhibitors want to see hard data supporting their investment. High exhibitor satisfaction resulted in 100%
booth renewals for next year's show.


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