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Get the most out of your trade show experience

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Discover the latest event technology for exhibitors

Booth Analytics

Access your full sales funnel broken down by stage and demographics

Dynamic Displays

Attract more visitors to your booth with dynamic, personalized activations

Easy Lead Retrieval

Generate more leads with an automated, hands-free solution

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Booth Reporting

How many attendees passed by your booth without stopping? How did visitors feel? Which booth design evokes the most engagement?


Uncover your full sales funnel:

  • How many people passed by (total impressions)

  • Number of qualified, engaged, and captured leads

  • Demographics and sentiment data


"Panos’ team at Zenus, are some of the most dedicated people I have ever encountered, so you are in very good hands."


Bryan Nathan
Director of Shigaon Investments


Opt-in Marketing Contacts

Compliment your handheld lead scan app with our hands-free kiosk scanners. Continue to collect opt-in marketing leads even when your whole team is engaged or if you are not physically there.

  • Intuitive opt-in scanning takes 3 seconds

  • Get more leads from your booth investment

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Personalized Content

Elevate your visitor experience by displaying content that changes based on demographics.

  • Attract more visitors to your booth

  • Personalize their experience

One device to rule them all

The Zenus Smart Camera powers the world's easiest analytics and event solutions. 

  • Measure impressions, demographics, and sentiment 

  • View results on our live dashboard or use our API to build your own application

  • Never worry about compliance (privacy-by-design) 

Learn more about Facial Analysis

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Local processing power

All video is analyzed locally to address privacy concerns. Wi-fi out or unreliable? No problem! Our devices work just as hard offline.

Tailored setup options

Connect your existing cameras to our device or request a plug-and-play kit. Receive software updates over the air for maximum convenience.


Speak with our team to learn more

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