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Smart Camera

You need accurate metrics for offline campaigns. Surveys are rarely filled out. RFID and BLE are complex and pricey.


Our smart camera passively analyzes hundreds of faces and produces metrics such as head count, heat-maps, demographics, and happiness over time.


Setting up a camera takes less than 12 minutes and you may access our live dashboard anywhere and anytime. 

“I must admit that your product is the future of metrics for retailers.”

Joseph S.,

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Age Group

Young Adult




91% Happy


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Sentiment Analysis

Measure the happiness of your audience over time by analyzing hundreds of faces with over 95% accuracy.

Gain valuable insights about which demographics are the most and least engaged.

Perform A/B tests to examine the effectiveness of different activations and concepts to see what works and why.

Obtain powerful data and insights for your sales and marketing efforts.

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Heat Maps

Automatically track the number of people in key locations and measure average dwell time to understand their behavior.


Use video analytics to uncover unique insights with the latest technology.

Happy Maps

Dwell Time


What is possible with facial analysis


Track occupancy and visitor levels for large areas


Measure audience composition (i.e., sex and age group)


Assess how happy people are feeling with over 95% accuracy

Heat Maps

Visualize foot traffic at points of interest

Visualize engagement and satisfaction in key areas

Quantify how long people stay and in which areas

Powerful Detection

Detect faces even if people are wearing masks, glasses, hats, and more

Physical Distancing

Measure the space between people and create alerts to adhere with social distancing

Coming soon


Location System

Real time location tracking for gaining deeper insights about people's behavior

Coming soon

Our smart cameras analyze the video stream locally (i.e., edge processing). This reduces data transmission by a factor of 64,000, it cuts cloud processing costs by 10x, and  protects people's privacy. 


Use cases

Measure and show the ROI/E

Understand consumer behavior

Improve facility management

Grow sales


“I am really impressed by your patience, responsiveness and level of engagement… Thank you for your perfect preparation!”

Christian E., PR & Marketing


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Why choose facial analysis

tracking technology?






Sex & Age Group


Easy installation


Capture rate

Over 95% of the people

Works without user enrollment, tag assignment or special readers

How it works

We ship you a Zenus smart camera kit and activate your monthly subscription


You power-up the smart camera and mount it using a removable sticker (included)


The smart camera sends updates to our live dashboard where you view all the metrics

Some of the hardware components (e.g., image sensor) may be sourced and manufactured outside the United States.

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