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"It's usually plug and pray but yours is actually plug and play."

- Happy Zenus partner

Analytics Package

The monthly subscription includes the camera hardware and access to our live analytics dashboard (12+ metrics, heatmaps, and a complete in-person marketing funnel). 


  • Unlimited uses

  • Fixed pricing

  • Free software updates

  • Expert support (email, chat, video)

  • Access to Zenus knowledgebase

Volume discounts, geographical pricing, and reseller agreements are available upon request!

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“Your team has been lovely to work with...So professional and pleasant! ...It's so simple that I feel like we're forgetting something!”

Heather G., Program Manager

IGM Financial


Common Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We also have a global network of Zenus partners. Contact us for more information.

How accurate is your software?

Our robust algorithms are trained using real world data and industry benchmarks. We detect faces with over 95% accuracy - with and without face masks. Request the flyer.

What metrics do you offer?

Live foot traffic (headcount), dwell time, positive sentiment (happiness) over time, demographics (age/sex), and more.

How many cameras do I need?

This depends on the size of the space you're looking to cover. One smart camera covers up to 7,000 ft² (650 m²). You can upload a floorplan to our online Coverage Estimator to gauge the number of cameras. Request access here.

We take privacy seriously

Our analytics solution implements privacy-by-design. We spent several years designing, testing, and iterating our solution to ensure peace of mind across the world.


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