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How to collect more consumer data

Explore our solutions for retail brands

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Discover the latest facial analysis technology for brands

In-store Analytics

Identify trends and compare performance across locations

Consumer Interviews

Save time by using our AI models to extract large amounts of sentiment data

Dynamic Displays

Increase revenue and brand recall with personalized, targeted in-store ads

Team Satisfaction

Collect aggregate-level and unbiased data from internal interviews

Focus Group Analytics

Accelerate product launches and discover unspoken consumer preferences

Marketing Activations

A/B test small and large scale promotions with ease while uncovering a full sales funnel

Accelerate your consumer product launch by using AI to analyze facial reactions

How a CPG brand launches successful products

We partnered with a consumer packaged goods company to extract sentiment levels from focus group participants.

Learn how their team shaved hours off of their data review process. 

"Your product is brilliant.
I have researched this for weeks and from what I’ve seen your solution is the best."

Brad Driver

Managing Director at Sainsbury Design

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In-store Analytics

Do you know who is buying your products in stores? 

Go beyond sales data to uncover:

  • Impressions - how many shoppers pass by your product

  • Sentiment - how people feel when looking at your displays 

  • Demographics - who makes up your in-store audience

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Focus Group Analytics

Manually reviewing people's facial reactions is tedious and expensive. Collect more data about consumer preferences in one-tenth of the time.

  • Granular sentiment analysis for data and R&D teams

  • Use our interactive dashboard or CSV reports 

  • Voice analysis to offer another dimension of feedback

One device to rule them all

The Zenus Smart Camera powers the world's easiest analytics and retail solutions. 

  • Measure impressions, demographics, and sentiment 

  • View results on our live dashboard or use our API to build your own application

  • Never worry about compliance (privacy-by-design) 

Learn more about Facial Analysis

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Local processing power

All video is analyzed locally to address privacy concerns. Wi-fi out or unreliable? No problem! Our devices work just as hard offline.

Tailored setup options

Connect your existing cameras to our device or request a plug-and-play kit. Receive software updates over the air for maximum convenience.

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