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Number of delegates


Data points analyzed


The Challenge

The event organizer wanted to measure delegate engagement during three 45-minute sessions. They needed a solution which offered more insights than surveys.

Their objectives were to measure attendance over time, compare facial analysis results versus surveys, and analyze engagement for different demographics.

The Solution

A small camera was mounted on the side of the auditorium facing the audience. It was used to record facial expressions during the session. We ran the footage through our powerful algorithms to extract detailed statistics over time. Below, we list the results from just one out of the 24 cameras deployed.

Female Millennials were 1.5x as engaged as Male Gen X

case study1.png

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Final Statement

From a single camera, the event organizer received many actionable insights. The audience composition consisted of 56% Male and 57% Millennial (ages 25-39). Female Millennials were most engaged (see graph).

Facial analysis showed us that interactions with the audience (e.g., raising hands to vote and standing up) created lasting effects on positive sentiment.

gff sentiment graph.png

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