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Invest in the future of retail analytics

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Reasons to invest in Zenus:

  • Disrupting the $20T in-store retail market with a vertically integrated solution (hardware & software)

  • Raised $1.2M in a previous funding round with 600+ investors to date

  • Working with big name clients in major industries

  • Addresses major engineering problems with existing video analytics solutions on the market

  • Ethical approach - personally identifiable information (PII) is never streamed nor stored 

  • Expansive use cases with current traction in retail, in-person experiences, and B2B events

Speak with our CEO

Our CEO, Panos Moutafis, Ph.D., works from sunrise 'til sunset. Even so, he dedicates time to speak with people interested in our (computer) vision and technology.
If that's you, please fill out the form below! Our Investor Relations team will follow up within 24 hours to schedule a call. Thank you for your interest in supporting Zenus. :)
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Gabriela, Zenus Investor

"Panos and the Zenus team are one of the most hard working people. I believe in their idea and I put my trust in them."

Zenus Investor

"Life is uncertain, investing in Zenus is not."

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Zenus Investor

"Artificial Intelligence is and will be stitched into the very fabric of society. Ethical use must be at the center of development. Zenus is doing just that."

The minimum investment amount is $200. Our headquarters are located at 411 W Monroe St, Austin, TX 78704. To invest directly, visit our campaign page.