Virtual (Zoom) Meeting

Average # of attendees


Positive sentiment score


The Challenge

The events agency wanted to map out engagement of remote participants during a virtual meeting. They needed a solution which could quickly provide actionable insights while protecting people's privacy. Metrics included attendance over time, sentiment over time, and audience demographic composition.

The Solution

The client provided us a screen recording of the meeting without sound. Our software processed the video (accounting for profile pictures) and extracted comprehensive statistics. 


Note: We can simply point a smart camera to your screen and analyze faces in real-time!

Sentiment was very positive early on but declined later

Final Statement

It is easier to lose excitement in virtual meetings vs. live events. However, you can include interactive activities such as polls to increase audience engagement. Small breaks may also help to improve the mood and experience of participants.

The event agency received additional insights and more:

  • Composition: 61% Female and 52% Millennial (ages 25-39)

  • Attendance was steady throughout the meeting


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