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Ethical Facial Analysis

01 Facial Analysis

Audience Insights

Our smart cameras measure headcount, draw heat maps, and track duration of engagement.


Additional metrics include demographics and happiness scores with over 95% accuracy.


The results are displayed on a live dashboard.


Measure ROI

Are your activations engaging? Do they reach the right audience? Measure traffic and happiness for each demographic group.

Grow sales

Close more deals using hard data about the effectiveness of your trade show, brand activations, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

Improve operations

Monitor occupancy levels in a non-invasive way. Improve your facility management and track people's satisfaction.

Age Group

Young Adult




97% Happy

"I was blown away earlier to see the facial recognition capabilities of @Zenusinc. The implications for me as a professional speaker, as well as event organisers, is profound."

Jonathan B., CEO


02 Facial Recognition Software License

Power up your service! Quickly integrate our facial recognition into your product.


We offer full control and customization. The cherry on top? Fixed pricing.

Support all of your clients and unlimited devices. Scale up without surprises.

“The face recognition was perfect. I think it’s quick, it’s easy, no hassle. Get you in line and get you out.”

Kyminika O., Assistant MCA

Keller Williams


99.8% Accuracy


Our facial recognition software has been battle tested in real-life deployments. We have satisfied users in all regions of the world.

0.2 seconds


Our technology supports real-time identification. You can process multiple video streams and instantly recognize a person from a large database of faces.

Full control


Your team has full control over the integration process. Our software works with 2D images obtained from any regular camera including tablets.

Protecting privacy is at the core of our mission

We built our software implementing privacy by designOur world-class experts will help you reach compliance with regional regulations.

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