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Ethical Facial Analysis

Facial Analysis

Audience Insights

Our smart cameras measure headcount, draw heat maps, and track duration of engagement.


Additional metrics include demographics and happiness scores with over 95% accuracy.


The results are displayed on a live dashboard.


Measure ROI

Are your activations engaging? Do they reach the right audience? Measure traffic and happiness for each demographic group.

Grow sales

Close more deals using hard data about the effectiveness of your trade show, brand activations, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

Improve operations

Monitor occupancy levels in a non-invasive way. Improve your facility management and track people's satisfaction.

Age Group

Young Adult




97% Happy

"I was blown away earlier to see the facial recognition capabilities of @Zenusinc. The implications for me as a professional speaker, as well as event organisers, is profound."

Jonathan B., CEO


Protecting privacy is at the core of our mission

We built our software implementing privacy by designOur world-class experts will help you reach compliance with regional regulations.


Events & Experiences

Automated Insights

Improve the customer experience by understanding levels of engagement across different parts of an exhibit, installation, or tradeshow floor. 

Retail Store Displays

Easy A/B Testing

Increase customer conversions by optimizing visual merchandising and POP displays. 

Offices & Hospitality

Centralized Dashboard

Quantify how minimal changes impact the big picture. View behavioral insights for all of your locations through one dashboard.

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