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Ethical Facial Analysis

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Understand how people move and feel in your space.

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Facial Analysis

on a massive scale

A plug-and-play video analytics solution anyone can setup in 12 minutes.


Measure what's important to you: live foot traffic, demographics (age/sex), dwell times (heat maps), and engagement levels over time.

Obtain in-person behavioral insights with over 95% accuracy - without collecting personal data.

View results anywhere and anytime from your own live dashboard.

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"Excellent job. Your product is brilliant.

I have researched this for weeks and from what I’ve seen your solution is the best." 

- Happy Zenus Partner


B2B Events

Live analytics for organizers, agencies, and more

Create better program schedules by understanding speaker content vs. attendee engagement. Attract more exhibitors with trade floor heatmaps. Save time with automated occupancy management.

Retail Displays

Next-level consumer insights for brands

A/B test small or large scale promotions, interactive POP displays, and marketing activities with ease. Level up your understanding of people's reactions by analyzing every second of their experience. 

Immersive Experiences

Use AI to understand the visitor journey and scale up

Increase the flow of traffic with live headcounts and dwell times. Improve the visitor experience by tracking engagement levels across various exhibits, installations, and activities.


Age Group

Young Adult




97% Happy

We built our software implementing privacy by designOur world-class experts will help you reach compliance with regional regulations.

Protecting privacy is at the core of our mission

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Measure ROI

Are your activations engaging? Do they reach the right audience? Measure traffic and happiness for each demographic group.

Grow sales

Use hard data to make decision-making a breeze. Create displays, installations, and exhibitions that connect with people.

Improve operations

Monitor occupancy levels in a non-invasive way. Improve your facility management and track people's satisfaction.

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