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How people use Zenus

Uncover your in-person marketing funnel for retail, events, and more

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With a single click, you can see what is happening and what has happened in a physical space.

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total impressions using facial analysis

"You have no idea how excited I am for this technology to blow people away."

- Zenus Reseller

Innovative Brands

Make impactful, data-driven decisions with Zenus analytics. Outpace your competitors by creating customer centric environments and dynamic displays.

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Event Organizers

Use premium event technology to impress exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees. Compare granular insights from sessions to create the best events.

Marketing Agencies

Impress your clients with the latest tech and fascinating audience reports. Creating effective activations and promotions will be a no-brainer. 

View the full picture of people's experiences anywhere in the world

12+ metrics without ever crossing the privacy line

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17+ million data points from a single camera 

One Zenus smart camera analyzes hundreds of faces and processes multiple frames per second. Mount one indoors, outdoors, on-the-go, or in dimly lit environments. 

Cover up to 1,800 ft²
(168 m²)

Capture up to 500 faces at a time whether for a permanent installation or a short-term gig. Wi-fi out or unreliable? No problem! Our cameras work just as hard offline.

Create better B2B events for all participants

Event Organizers

  • Collect accurate attendance and make access control a breeze 

  • Convince exhibitors and sponsors to renew their contract with a personalized visitor traffic and engagement report

  • Attract new business and get current clients to upgrade booth spaces with detailed Happy Maps

  • Increase revenue from sponsors by using sponsored ads on dynamic displays 

Future-proof your brand and achieve omnichannel marketing magic

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Retail Brands

  • Discover unspoken consumer preferences from focus groups and consumer interviews

  • Instantly address customer concerns and improve their experience with live sentiment reports

  • Learn more about your in-store audience and use unbiased data to compare trends across locations

  • Maximize in-store sales with personalized ads that change based on demographics

Plug-and-play facial analysis


Book a live demo and learn about the vast applications of ethical AI!

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