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Zenus Ethical Facial Analysis Now Available in South Africa

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

In our search for our WOW solutions at Shigaon, we came across Zenus.

What is Zenus and what can it do for your brand?

Over the years we have heard brands ask many questions about their in-store campaigns and Point of Purchase units.

  • Is my Point of Purchase and its messaging effective?

  • Are we talking to the right target market?

  • Who is buying our product?

  • What are our gender percentages - are we ‘talking’ more to females than males?

  • Are consumers happy when engaging with our display?

  • How long are they engaging?

Well, Zenus has a WOW solution that answers these questions and more!

Zenus is first and foremost an ethical analytics solution.

Their smart camera passively analyses hundreds of faces and produces metrics such as head count, heat-maps, demographics and happiness over time.

This data is analysed at the point of collection. Only the *metrics data is fed live from the units. This is via a cloud interface and this data is available live online via the Zenus dashboard.

It’s like having in-store data capturers 24/7 but without the physical check list.

I have been privileged to work with Dr Panos Moutafis, the co-founder and CEO of Zenus. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and has been working on facial analysis for over nine (9) years. He is an advocate for ethical analytics. Over the months we have been engaging, we have built a great partnership. Time zones mean nothing to Panos; his favourite slogan is “lets do this” and he and his company live by this. They take builds in their stride and the turnaround time and team are truly amazing!

One of our applications needed a software update. Panos introduced me to his co-founder and the CTO of Zenus, Rakshak Talwar. Rakshak promised me that the build and update was was going to be Plug and Play, I thought more like plug and pray but true to the Zenus philosophy, it was as simple as plug and play.

I'm grateful to Panos and Rakshak for allowing me to represent Zenus in South Africa and beyond.

The technology has numerous other uses from trade shows to focus groups, retail stores and heat mapping. The list grows each day as people around the world challenge the Zenus team with new requests and they are provided with cutting edge solutions. I’ve yet to hear Panos say no to exploring any idea, as long as it is ethical analytics and cost effective.

We are currently offering a 1 month free trial to a local brands owner. This will include installation (currently only in Jhb due to covid) set up, live access to the Zenus dashboard and data compilation for a once a week meeting with Zenus and Shigaon to analyse the results.

Have a campaign coming up, trying to work out which graphics, messaging or design works best on the POP or want insight into an existing POP campaign, drop us a comment below or mail me ([email protected]) and let us help you find the ultimate solution and insight with Zenus.

“Lets do this” South Africa.

Coming soon: what can Zenus offer retailers, hotels and trade shows and unbelievable display ideas with one of our local partners.

*The data that is moved between the unit and the cloud is less than 2 Megabytes/day, the size of a text email, this proves that Zenus is not using and or storing the images collected.

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