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Zenus and Popshap Forge Partnership to Elevate Digital Signage with Advanced Analytics

Zenus, the leader in ethical AI event analytics, and Popshap, an innovator in digital signage solutions, announced a strategic partnership that will integrate Zenus' cutting-edge technology with Popshap's interactive digital displays. The collaboration is set to transform digital signage for events by providing insights into audience engagement for sponsors and organizers.

The partnership will see Zenus’ advanced facial analysis technology bundled with Popshap’s digital signage systems. This integration will enable real-time data capture and analysis, offering metrics such as sponsored signage impressions, dwell rates, demographic breakdowns, and energy scores (i.e., positive sentiment). These insights will empower sponsors and exhibitors to optimize content and placement strategies, ensuring maximum audience impact and engagement.

“With the importance and growth of AI in the space of trade shows, this partnership is a match that was long due. By integrating Zenus’s AI tracking with Popshap's kiosks we're empowering our clients with invaluable ROI insights while enhancing the exhibition experience for everyone involved. Popshap is excited to add an element of tracking that we didn't offer before with this partnership and cannot wait to come up with a comprehensive report of usage on the trade show floor for exhibitors and show management.” - Eitan Magid, CEO of Popshap.

The technology provided by Zenus will enhance the effectiveness of digital signage by enabling a deeper understanding of audience behavior and preferences. Zenus sensors capture data points like impressions, dwell rates, and attendee energy without recording video or taking photos. Since no personal identifiable information is collected or stored, Zenus ensures individual privacy is protected at all times.

"We are excited to partner with Popshap to bring advanced audience insights to digital signage," said Frank Leonard, Chief Sales Officer at Zenus. "Our collaboration will not only enhance the sponsor experience but also improve audience engagement at events, helping sponsors make data-driven decisions to increase their ROI."

The first deployment of this integrated technology offering premiered at PCMA’s Showcase event on April 11, 2024 in Washington, D.C. The next opportunity to experience this collaboration will be at IMEX Frankfurt in Germany May 14-16, 2024. These industry events serve as the first of what will be a raised industry standard of ROI expectations for event sponsorships.

For more information on how Zenus and Popshap are revolutionizing digital signage with AI, visit and

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About Popshap

Popshap specializes in cutting-edge interactive digital signage solutions, including touchscreen kiosks, LED video walls, and digital posters, all aimed at enhancing customer engagement. With a focus on tailored hardware and custom software integration, we offer comprehensive services under one roof, empowering businesses across various sectors with innovative solutions for success.

About Zenus

Zenus is the leader in Ethical AI with its facial analysis technology, which captures impressions, demographics, dwell time, and energy in any physical location. Zenus deploys its proprietary AI models on custom-made IoT devices that minimize bandwidth requirements and protect people’s privacy. Zenus’ behavioral analytics result in more informed event designs, improved presentations, increased metrics for sponsors and exhibitors, and additional ways to gain opt-in leads. To learn more about Zenus and its AI solutions, visit



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