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Zenus and the IMEX Group Extend Innovative Partnership to Enhance Event Experiences

Austin, Texas, March 19, 2024 –  Zenus, a pioneer in ethical AI technology, and the IMEX Group, a leading name in global exhibitions, are delighted to announce the extension of their successful partnership. The partnership began in 2022 to enhance the IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX America shows.

IMEX is leveraging Zenus' ethical AI technology to understand attendee behavior around key activations and evaluate the need for improvements in areas such as concessions and lounges. These innovations give sponsors and organizers invaluable insights into traffic, dwell times, and attendee positive sentiment.

For the first time, IMEX will make the technology available for purchase to individual exhibitors. The booth reporting service is already available for purchase at the IMEX Frankfurt website: 

Panos Moutafis, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO of Zenus, commented on the partnership: "Our collaboration with IMEX reflects our commitment to transforming the event experience. By working with a pioneer and leader in the event community, we have the chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of our technologies to one of the most influential audiences in the world.”

Oliver Bailey from IMEX added: "The integration of Zenus's AI technology has been great for us - it captures a high level of information while ensuring the data is aggregated and anonymized. The insights gained through facial analysis and sponsor analytics have enabled our team to better understand the behaviors of our attendees in order to elevate the overall experience of our events."

The extended partnership is set to bring further innovations and improvements to upcoming IMEX events, ensuring the shows remain at the forefront of the industry.

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About Zenus

Zenus is the leader in Ethical AI with its facial analysis technology, which captures impressions, demographics, dwell time, and positive sentiment in any physical location. Zenus deploys its proprietary AI models on custom-made IoT devices that minimize bandwidth requirements and protect people’s privacy. Zenus’ behavioral mapping results in more informed event designs, improved presentations, increased metrics for sponsors and exhibitors, and additional ways to gain opt-in leads.

To learn more about Zenus and its AI solutions, visit

About IMEX   

IMEX in Frankfurt takes place from May 14-16, 2024. The business event community can register for free here:   

IMEX America will be held in Las Vegas from October 8-10, 2024. More details here: 

Contact Information:


For interviews and enquiries contact: Nick Borelli, Marketing Director, Zenus


For interviews and enquiries contact: Emma Blake, PR Manager, IMEX

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